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Designing industrial lines, machinery and equipment

Services: Designing industrial lines, machinery and equipment

We carry out projects for on-site integration of equipment on the client's production line as a general contractor of the investment project. This is made possible thanks to the use of appropriate CAD software (Inventor and Ironcad). During the implementation of the project, it often becomes apparent that the assumptions for the design or the data provided deviate from or prevent the achievement of the set goal.

We try to avoid such situations, for example, by applying reverse engineering. We adapt to a given situation and present solutions to a crisis situation in order to satisfy our client's needs and achieve the set goals.


Execution of Technological installations

Executing Technological installations (DIN 11850, SMS) on aseptic fittings and utility supply systems (according to ISO or DIN) for water, compressed air and gases. Welded, bolted, flanged pipelines made of R35 material, boiler steel, stainless steel (AISI 304) and acid-resistant steel (AISI 316)

Structural work

Constructing service platforms for machinery, support structures for equipment and pipelines made of carbon and acid-resistant steel. We make structures according to the provided documentation and in line with our own design, meeting high standards of neatness: all load-bearing elements are made of flat bars in order to prevent the occurrence of so-called shelves on which dust and other contaminants could accumulate.

Design & Consulting – CAD Inventor

Thanks to our well-trained staff and CAD Inventor software at our disposal, we are able to execute an entire project in a 3D environment. If there is a need for an inventory of a large facility, we use reverse engineering by means of 3D scanning.

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